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Sheila RB1 is a ready to use granular insecticide for the control of flies in livestock housings etc. The product is effective where flies congregate such as animal pens. It contains unique sex pheromones and attractants that lure flies to the bait killing them quickly.
  • Azamethiphos is the fastest chemical on the market
  • Flies will die almost instantly
  • Flies lured to their death with pheromones and attractants
  • Flies love the colour of Sheila which also works as an attractant
  • Instant results – dead flies next to bait
  • The only bait that can kill by ingestion or contact
  • Lasts Longer than any other bait on the market

How to Use Sheila
Distribute granules generously, directly around the problem areas. Lightly spray the granules to increase the efficacy of the bait. Like Twenty
One it is beneficial to use Cola.

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