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Black Pearl

LODI launch the latest and most effective mouse bait to the UK Farmer. Black Pearl mouse killer is based on Alphachloralose which is the only non-anticoagulant bait in the UK and Europe.

Designed to Kill mice almost instantly and have total control in 1-3 days, unlike your average anticoagulant of 7-10 days.

New Active Capsulation Technology is a process by which the active ingredient is coated with a continuous film of polymeric material.

Mice take the bait and instead of feeling unwell (like typical anticoagulants) they are able to eat more product, as the alpha chloralose is hidden by the capsulation with no taste or initial side effects. The outer protective shell which remains in contact when eaten dissolves and explodes the lethal dose into the rodents blood stream. Mice are immobilised and put into a coma.

Because a lethal dose is administered, without medical intervention the pest cannot survive - even in warm temperatures. Black Pearl is available in two convenient 1Kg baiting options.

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