Lodi UK is one of the largest independent UK chemical producers with four European facilities based in the UK, France, Romania and Belgium. LODI is family owned with over three decades worth of experience in manufacturing and supplying products to eliminate pests. As a company we pride ourselves in formulating and innovating highly effective products.

Lodi UK have launched the UK`s fastest working insecticides into the market. All products are designed to innovatively target insects that plague farms and the active ingredients have been honed to offer the farmer ultimate protection.  Each product has been crafted to stop pest’s dead.

Lodi UK has focused on eliminating the serious problem of flies on the farm. We aim to revolutionise the way that the problem is treated and our sophisticated research techniques and unique treatment methods coupled with our expertise of the industry have enabled us to do so.

On Farm Fly Service

To complete the fly control package Lodi UK are proud to announce our new technical and on farm support service. This will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week meaning that Lodi UK are the only company that offers the full fly control package. We will assist customers and solve all fly control issues. Lodi UK are able to offer the best on farm fly service and can visit and solve issues on farm directly. We will be working with fly control expert David Reece who has appeared in Farmers Weekly and is proud to have solved every fly issue he has come across in his many years of experience. David Reece is one of the first providers of larvicide treatment to control flies and is widely regarded as one of the leading fly control experts in the industry. Fully armed with specialist equipment, expertise and pioneering application methods, ensures that this service provides the best possible control methods available.*


Technical advice and support

Lodi UK has a technical telephone service dedicated to farmers applying Lodi products. Advice can include anything from application methods to preventative controls and monitoring systems.


Entomology Service

Lodi UK have an in house entomologist who can quickly assist in identification of fly species in order to assist you on fly control methods and knowing your pest.

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