On Farm Fly Protection Programme


Download your free Monitoring and Treatment Sheet



Lodi UK offer a full On Farm Fly Protection Programme - the programme has been designed to support the farmer in controlling fly infestations.

In the programme it covers areas from: Why control flies on farm, Fly identification, Considering the environment, Treating the flies, and much more.

Please download your free Monitoring and treatment sheet that can be used to log your fly activity and when / what product you have applied

Please contact the sales team at Lodi UK and they will be happy to assist you in getting your free copy:


Lodi UK Office 01384 404242 Email: sales@lodi-uk.com
North: Ross Goodman 07791 765495 Email: ross@lodi-uk.com
South: Tony Knight 07595 218657 Email: tony@lodi-uk.com